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Having worked with thousands of children of all levels and ages, I like to think I know what makes them 'tick'. I always try to write humorous stories that anyone can enjoy, including parents and teachers.

My stories can make children laugh and hopefully think a bit, too. I don’t like to rely on illustrations as I believe the main ingredient of any reading experience is the imagination (if children want pictures in my books, they are invited to draw something for themselves based on what they have read...).

These funny chapter books are for Primary School children of all ages to enjoy, including reluctant readers. All stories and poems feature a set of 'follow-up questions' at the end. Thank you for giving them a try and I sincerely hope you enjoy reading them as much as I've enjoyed writing them.

Please click on the links to find out more and see where they are available for purchase:

'The Smell of Poo' children's chapter book collection:

'The Smell of Poo' children's book collection: All FIVE Stories plus 2 bonus 'Pooems', 'Your Poo & You' and 'Who Dunnit? A smelly classroom mystery'
(approx. ages 6-11: 19000 words in total)
Available at half the total collection price!:
pooh children's half price ebook box set
The Smell of Poo children's book collection!

'The Smell of Poo' children's chapter book collection includes all five of these great stories (plus 2 bonus 'Pooems'):
funny children's adventure story book
The MisAdventures of Mr & Mrs Poo

funny children's monster story book
Stanley and the Poo Monster

funny children's princess story book
The Poo Princess

children's humorous superhero chapter ebook
The Secret Adventures of Fartboy

The 'Beastly Bullies' children's story book collection:

One more 'Beastly Bullies' story coming soon...

Pets have started to go missing (leaving only their tails or toes!) in Stanley's neighbourhood and he is determined to find out why - especially so he can impress Rose from down the road - at least that is until his next door neighbour adopts the pet from hell...

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