Something about me...

A little something about me (Peter Allerton)...

Hello there,

Something about me eh?

Well I've finally reached a stage when I'm happy to settle down and write. I'm lucky enough to have lived an amazing life already, having seen and done everything I ever dreamed of on this incredible planet - so now sitting at the window typing away while gazing at nature, that's not a bad way to spend some time...

Scenic sea view writing
The view from my writing window. Not bad eh?

I write stories for all ages - from children through to adults - which may be unusual, but I guess I often work with younger people and hang out with older ones so it's only natural really.

I'm also happy to do school visits, helping encourage children to not only improve their writing but to enjoy doing it too!

I still travel widely, practise Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), constantly read up on science and history and love being among nature. Learning and experiencing new things is a great reason to live.

I also still have a keen interest in the goings on of my incredible hometown of Liverpool. Apart from that, now that I'm (a little bit) relaxed, I prefer dining with friends to anything else these days - though that can get somewhat crazy too at times!

Liverpool night view writing
My hometown, and IMO the best city in the world: Liverpool

Anyway, I hope you enjoy whatever I publish in the future, along with the regular blog posts here - whenever I find the time!


Peter Allerton.

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