Marketing & Publishing Books

Marketing & Publishing Books

The hardest part of being an author is getting published. Of course self-epublishing / publishing on demand is very easy now, but unless you do it the right way you may well might find it difficult to reach your intended audience.

Here to help you is a list I have compiled of the most useful links on marketing and publishing that I have found so far. Other than that, all I can say is be confident in your writing, be thorough in your editing, and be lucky getting published! Enjoy:

Createspace Marketing Central good advice
Createspace Marketing Central - full of good advice

guide to self publishing
A good guide to self-publishing

Smashwords publishing marketing advice
Scroll to the bottom of this link for some very helpful resources!
Kindle Direct Publishing review
An informative and impartial review of KDP

Guide submitting writing to agents
Guidance from Juliet Pickering on submitting to agents

Useful hints tips on submissions
12 (very) useful tips on submissions

Advice help hints tips finding an agent
Plenty of good advice from 'Agent Query'

Advice help hints tips how to find agent
Helps you search an agent or publisher

Advice marketing publishing from publishers
Advice on Marketing & Publishing from the people who know

Advice marketing publishing children's books
'Marketing your Book'

Format ebook reader device
Calibre can help you format your ebook for publishing

fiverr cover design marketing
Cover design and marketing help  

pros and cons using twitter
The Pros & Cons of using Twitter

This list is good but not exhaustive. I believe nearly every author needs some help in this area so if you know of any of good links, please pop them with a brief explanation into the comments section below, thanks!

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