Wednesday, 11 February 2015

'League of Disgusting Gentlemen' children's book is out now!

'League of Disgusting Gentlemen' children's book is out now!

The latest story for the 'Beastly Bullies' children's book collection has just been published. It is now available through Amazon:

league disgusting gentlemen children's kindle ebook
League of Disgusting Gentlemen: Available Here

Helen has a big problem. She must help her dad become the next President of the League of Disgusting Gentlemen, but to do so she first has to win the most disgusting contest there has ever been! The question is... can she do it?

Follow Helen as she tries to do the right thing while being stuck in a totally disgusting situation in this funny children’s chapter story book for Middle-Grade Primary School kids to enjoy. Parents and teachers might like reading this humorous story too (which also features Follow-up questions) while it’s suitable for both newly confident and reluctant readers.

For ages 9 to 13 (14000 words)

Here’s an excerpt from the beginning of Chapter One:

‘Let’s get out of here!’ she pleaded. But I couldn’t move. There I was standing on a bus, looking at some old lady’s teeth lying in a puddle of sick. I had the taste of the stink bomb still in my mouth and the sound of people vomiting ringing in my ears, while everyone else just stared at me as the driver shouted at us to get off. I shut my eyes for a moment. How did it come to this...?

*  *  *

It all started at my dad’s club. Only bad things ever seemed to start at that club. I don’t know why he loved it there so much. Maybe it was because when he was there, he could be himself. I mean truly be himself. Burping, farting, swearing, drinking, smoking, telling rude jokes, play-fighting with friends – all the things he enjoyed when he was younger but couldn’t anymore ‘because of society.’ That was what he’d always say. ‘It’s society’s fault!’ So he used to go to his club, every Friday evening, just to be disgusting with his disgusting friends.

It was called The League of Gentleman, but over the years everyone came to know it as the most disgusting place in town and eventually gave it the nickname The League of Disgusting Gentlemen. It was for members only. And to be a member you usually had to be fat, bald, rich (or at least pretend to be), and really rather disgusting – well, that’s how it seemed to me anyway!

The 'League of Disgusting Gentlemen' Beastly Bullies story is available on Amazon:

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