Wednesday, 24 December 2014

'Doctor Gremlin and the Battle of the Brats' children's chapter book is out now!

'Doctor Gremlin and the Battle of the Brats'

children's chapter book is out now!

The first of the 'Beastly Bullies' children's chapter book collection has arrived!

Follow the links here to buy 'Doctor Gremlin and the Battle of the Brats' - a 'Beastly Bullies' children's story book - on Amazon:

Michael, Harry and Sam are brats. Their teachers know it, their classmates and the other parents know it, even their own mothers know it! They are so rude and naughty that their mothers go looking for help from the most unlikely of characters, but when their plan starts to go horribly wrong, they must try to save their sons - and themselves - before it's too late!

Follow the 'Battle of the Brats' in this funny children’s chapter story book for Primary School kids of all ages to enjoy. Parents and teachers will also like reading this humorous story, while it’s suitable for reluctant readers too.

(for ages 7-11: 7400 words)

Here's an excerpt from Chapter Four: 

‘Hello to you too, my dears’ croaked the creature, his long pointy ears and nose moving as he spoke. ‘I believe we talked on the phone.’
The three mothers stayed silent, too shocked to talk.
‘Hmph, it’s always the way with you humans. Screaming and staring. But it’s alright, you’ll get used to me soon enough... They always do.’ He gave them a wink with one of his big round eyes.
Still the mothers didn’t speak. They didn’t even move. They just stood there staring at the creature, mouths wide open.

‘Is it my green skin? Or is it my rather pointy yet handsome features?’ As he smiled his face became full of wrinkles. His skin looked rougher than sandpaper. ‘Come now ladies, I am a respected Doctor. Now tell me, what is my name?’

'Doctor Gremlin and the Battle of the Brats' is on Amazon:

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