Friday, 19 December 2014

Mr & Mrs Poo children's chapter book is out now!

'The MisAdventures of Mr & Mrs Poo'

funny children's story book poo adventure
The MisAdventures of Mr & Mrs Poo on Amazon

A new 'Smell of Poo' Children's chapter book is here!

A couple of Poos find themselves in danger after being ‘born’ into the outside world. They have to survive a variety of unexpected problems while also trying to 'stick' together!

funny children’s chapter story book for Primary School kids of all ages to enjoy. Parents and teachers will also like reading this humorous story, while it’s good for reluctant readers too.

(for ages 6-9: 2250 words)

Here's an excerpt from Chapter Poone:

'Maybe we can find another dog’s bottom to hide inside?’ Mrs Poo wondered.
‘Ah, that’s a fine idea!’ Mr Poo gave his wife a squelchy hug, then shouted ‘Look out!’ and threw her to the ground.
Out of nowhere, a gigantic pair of two-legged monsters came running towards them. The Poos froze on the spot, terrified. The monsters were moving too fast for them to get out of the way.
‘Urgh, dog poo!’  one shouted as she saw the Poos right in front of them.  ‘Argh!’ screamed the other as she jumped over Mrs Poo. ‘That’s horrible, I nearly ruined my new jogging shoes!’
‘Hey, less of the horrible thank you, that’s my wife!’ Mr Poo shouted angrily after them.

This book also includes the bonus poem (or 'Pooem') 'Your Poo & You':
A poem about our differences and self-acceptance in the shape (literally) of our poos!

'The MisAdventures of Mr & Mrs Poo' is available here:

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