Friday, 5 December 2014

'The Smell of Poo' children's book collection is coming soon!

Smelly Children's Stories are here..!

pooh children's book collection box set amazon
The Smell of Poo children's book collection!
Don't be alarmed, the books don't really smell - but they are about quite smelly things...

'The Smell of Poo' children's stories are nearly here! A funny collection of short chapter books for Primary School children of all ages to enjoy (particularly for developing / newly-confident / reluctant readers).

They will make kids laugh and hopefully think a bit as well! Parents and teachers will also like reading these humorous tales...

There are five stories and two poems altogether, all of which feature a set of 'follow-up questions' at the end (and for just half of the combined total price you will be able to enjoy the full collection):

‘The Smell of Poo’ Children’s Books:

The Misadventures of Mr & Mrs Poo
A couple of Poos find themselves in danger after being ‘born’ into the outside world.
PLUS: Bonus 'Pooem': 'Your Poo & You'
(2250 words, ages 6-9)
funny children's story book
The MisAdventures of Mr & Mrs Poo
Stanley and the Poo Monster
A boy’s attempt to stop being bullied at school goes wrong in a big way!
(2800 words, ages 7-10)
Funny children's story book
Stanley and the Poo Monster
The Poo Princess
A poor farm girl gets unexpected help from a gremlin, with surprising results!
(2500 words, ages 6-9)

funny children's story book
The Poo Princess
The Secret Adventures of Fartboy
Stevie has just one talent but uses it to good effect during a difficult day at school!
PLUS: Bonus 'Pooem': 'Who Dunnit? (A smelly classroom mystery)'
(2850 words, ages 6-9)
children's humor chapter ebook
The Secret Adventures of Fartboy
Ghost Poo and the Haunted Toilet
A boy desperately needs to do a poo - but ends up getting the fright of his life!
(6700 words, ages 7-11)
funny children's story book
Ghost Poo & the Haunted Toilet

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