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Writing a New Book & the Poverty Gap between Rich and Poor!

A New Book is on its way:

'The League of Disgusting Gentlemen' will be out soon!

My apologies for the lack of new posts the previous week, but guess what – I’ve been writing again!

The next ‘Beastly Bullies’ Children’s Book is in the process of being written. It is suitably titled The League of Disgusting Gentlemen’.

After suffering from writer’s block whilst preparing my new upcoming ‘sister blog’; A Visitor’s Guide to Liverpool (there’ll be more on that in the future), I finally made a real start on my next new story, having already planned it a couple of months ago!

It tells the tale of two horrible rivals who must compete in a disgusting contest to see who will become the next President of The League of Disgusting Gentlemen’. However, things soon get out of hand as they bribe their own daughters into getting involved in the struggle, as things become more disgusting and even rather dangerous.

I don’t want to give too much away as it is still a ‘work in progress’, but it will be my longest story so far and I am writing it for 9 to 12 years olds (although younger advanced readers or young teenagers with a sense of humour should also like it).

So, watch this space – The League of Disgusting Gentlemen’ will be out in the next month or so! In the meantime, you can enjoy reading the first release in the ‘Beastly Bullies’ Chidren’s Story book collection: ‘DoctorGremlin and the Battle of the Brats’, available on Amazon:

In between writing and visiting friends in Liverpool, I’ve been a little distracted by something that’s been troubling me. Last weekend I went to watch an entertaining game of football at Anfield (the atmospheric, historic home of Liverpool FC), which was spoiled only by an appalling referee (when will English football follow the style of Rugby referees? The FA is indeed a disgrace). However, it wasn’t the ridiculous referee that bothered me the most...

liverpool anfield atmosphere crowd
Atmosphere of Liverpool's Anfield stadium: Amazing!
 steven gerrard liverpool fc

It was only after that match that I found out about the new football rich list. I was horrified to learn that many English soccer clubs are now worth hundreds of millions of pounds, with players who get paid millions each year, while the fans have to spend most of their hard-earned money on expensive tickets and TV packages just to be able to watch them play. However, the media reported all of this like it was a really good thing!

The Gap Between Rich and Poor: it's Growing!

This rather disturbed me so I then did some extra research into the gap between the ‘rich and poor’, I soon discovered that the wealthiest 85 people in the world have more money than the poorest 3.5 billion(!!!), as the BBC (who should really be doing much more to help expose this problem, not hide it) tells us here: 

I ask you, is this acceptable? NO! Of course it isn’t! But what can we do about it? Well, there must be something - it affects all of us, not least our children!
How about an international wage limit? Does anyone (some of whom don't even pay tax!) in the world really need to make more than a million dollars a year or have more than ten million dollars in the bank? No, they don’t. I know plenty of hard working poor people who deserve to share some of that wealth, so that maybe they can enjoy a less stressful life.

However, it is most worrying that some of the richest people in the world don’t seem to care at all about the poorest. In fact some people think the poverty gap is a good thing! Just watch this clueless fool: 

To make things worse, by 2016 apparently the top 1% of people on Earth (‘top’ meaning financially, not spiritually!) will own more than the other 99% of humans combined. Again, this is obviously WRONG, is it not? Inequality is apparently as bad as it’s ever been. You can read more here:

As a teacher and children’s author I believe our kids should have as much of an equal right as possible to succeed or fail, depending on their attitude and how hard they work, not on how much money their parents have in the bank.
Of course, if someone succeeds financially it still doesn’t mean they’ve succeeded in becoming a good person, and alternately someone with money problems can still be a successful human being, for instance if they are kind to others or care about nature. However, isn't life usually more enjoyable when you don’t have to worry about survival? What do you think?

A couple of good books about how the rich selfishly keep on getting richer and how the rest of us must struggle to avoid becoming poorer as a result are:

Hand to Mouth is written by the inspiring Linda Tirado (whom I have seen speak very eloquently about how someone very poor can be much more intelligent than somebody who is very rich. We are who we are, not what we have!).

perkins confessions economic hit man
A firsthand account of international abuses of power

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins – a ‘behind the scenes’ look at how rich countries exploit poor ones and keep their ‘fat cats’ rich and everyone else without financial freedom.

max keiser report business show
Max Keiser, an Honest Business Commentator

One of my favourite TV shows is currently The Keiser Report on RT News. Like Perkins, Max Keiser has also been on both sides of the fence and is as funny as he is honest in his assessment of the world’s economy. Watch this highly entertaining and informative show featuring Alec Baldwin and self-styled ‘revolutionary’ Russell Brand:

keiser report meeting of megaminds baldwin
The Keiser Report: Meeting of the Megaminds

Indeed, Brand has his own book about how we can try to change the terrible ‘status quo’, simply called ‘Revolution’:  
A new way of looking at things?

If you're wondering how it all came to this, and why people tend to just say 'Oh dear' rather protest more, or might read this post and think I'm a 'conspiricist' (I can assure you I'm not), here's Charlie Brooker's take on the situation:

charlie brooker austerity oh dear
Charlie Brooker: 'Oh dear'

Well, I hope you’re not too depressed after reading this sad update on the state of the world and its ‘haves and have nots’. But if you are, you could try cheering yourself or your kids up with one of my books – (sorry, I have to suggest it):

humorous kids' book
Cheer you or your kids up with a book

I looked for some good resources for kids on the topic of the wealth of the world (or lack of it) but, I couldn't find any! If you know of any, please share them with us in the comment box, thanks. In the meantime, I plan to read this book if I can find the time:

wealth poverty nations landes
Wealth and Poverty - a description

Well, thanks for reading and take good care of yourselves. I hope to be back soon with some Scientific Facts to blow your mind (or at least cheer you up – it’s hard to worry too much about the world of humans once you know how big the Universe is or how small a photon is!)!

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