Tuesday, 27 October 2015

‘Peter and the Pet Catcher’ - Beastly Bullies Children's Story Book due for 2017!

‘Peter and the Pet Catcher’ - due for 2017 release!

Apologies for the delay in the release of ‘Peter and the Pet Catcher’ - the final book of the ‘Beastly Bullies’ children’s story collection!

There’s only one thing worse than writer’s block, and that is not having the time to write..! Moving to a new place, starting a new job and competing in martial arts, as well as finally joining facebook and catching up with about 25 years’ worth of long lost friends(!) has been time consuming to say the least – and sadly I haven’t had time for my favourite thing – writing!!!

I’m hoping that a holiday over the summer will be long enough to finally finish Peter’s terrifying (well, at least slightly scary) tale. So, let’s see if I can manage it...

In the meantime, I wish you all well, and hope that you’re enjoying the other books in the series, along with the ‘Smell of Poo’ stories:

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