Friday, 19 December 2014

Stanley and the Poo Monster children's chapter book is here!

Stanley & the Poo Monster children's chapter book is out now

A new 'Smell of Poo' children's chapter book is here!

funny children's monster story book
Stanley and the Poo Monster at Amazon
A boy’s attempts to stop being bullied at school go wrong in a big way! From being teased to trying to save the people teasing him, Stanley has an adventure he will never forget!

funny children’s chapter story book for Primary School kids of all ages to enjoy. Parents and teachers will also like reading this humorous story, while it’s suitable for reluctant readers too.

(for ages 7-10: 2850 words)

Here's an excerpt from Chapter One: 

One afternoon, after being teased all day at school, and on his way to being teased and ignored all evening at home, Stanley didn’t want to carry on walking. He stopped somewhere between his school and his house, sat down and began to cry.
‘Why do people tease me?’ he sobbed. ‘What did I do to them?’
Suddenly he heard footsteps, they were coming closer. He wiped his nose, rubbed his eyes and was about to stand up when a strange looking shadow appeared before him.
He had seen that shape somewhere before. ‘Wow’ he whispered.

'Stanley and the Poo Monster' is available here:

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