Sunday, 21 December 2014

'The Secret Adventures of Fart Boy' children's chapter book is here!

'The Secret Adventures of Fart Boy' children's book: Out Now!

Another Smell of Poo children's chapter book is here!

funny superhero children's story book
The Secret Adventures of Fartboy on Amazon
Little Stevie Stark has a secret superpower. However, he has only ever used it in his imagination but one day at school he has to use it for real! Can he save himself and his friends from big bullies, mean teachers and overly friendly girls? Will he survive his most difficult day ever without anybody discovering his secret?

funny children’s chapter story book for Primary School kids of all ages to enjoy. Parents and teachers will also like reading this humorous story, while it’s suitable for reluctant readers too.

(for ages 6-9: 4500 words)

Here's an excerpt from Chapter Two: 

‘Fartboy’ Stevie secretly called himself. Sometimes, when his parents were out, he would draw a large ‘F’ on the front of his pajamas and wear a sheet around his shoulders like Superman’s cape, flying around the house by using his jet-butt and fighting imaginary criminals with his amazing bottom smells.
His biggest dream was to do this in real life. Stevie wanted to be able to use his clever little bottom to fire a smell in any direction – and at almost any distance – he liked. He tried practising his smell-making skills whenever he was alone, which meant his bedroom eventually smelled so bad that nobody ever went in there, not even his pet dog!

Then one day at school, Stevie found he needed to use his rumbling powers again, and more than ever before. It was a day that he would never forget...

The story also includes the bonus poem (or 'Pooem'):
                       'Who Dunnit? (A smelly classroom mystery)'
A ‘who dunnit?’ rhyming mystery about Stevie's classmates whom he suspects of making a smell, while phonetically covering the alphabet at the same time!

'The Secret Adventures of Fartboy' is available here:

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