Saturday, 20 December 2014

The Poo Princess children's chapter book: Out Now!

'The Poo Princess' children's chapter book is out now

Another 'Smell of Poo' children's chapter book is here!

funny children's princess story book
The Poo Princess now available at Amazon
A poor farm girl gets unexpected help from a gremlin, with surprising results! There's humour, romance and drama all rolled into this not-so-traditional children's fairytale with a twist!

funny children’s chapter story book for Primary School kids of all ages to enjoy. Parents and teachers will also like reading this humorous story, while it’s suitable for reluctant readers too.

(for ages 6-9: 2500 words)

Here's an excerpt from Chapter One: 

The girl lost her balance, tripped and fell backwards, landing on something soft and squishy.
To her surprise, it shouted ‘Get off me!’
‘Woah, a talking snake!’ she said in disbelief.
She looked down and noticed a pair of pointy little green ears poking out from under her bottom. Attached to the ears was a little round green head, with a long pointy nose, big round eyes and chubby little cheeks.
‘Urgh! What kind of snake are you?’ she shrieked.
‘I’m not a snake! I’m a gremlin, and now I’m a rather flat gremlin – so please get your big smelly bottom off me!’

'The Poo Princess' is available here:

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